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A blog looking into whisky (and whiskey) and hopefully bringing some new views and thoughts into the world of matured spirits

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Irish whiskey…why not..

Oh…am I back already? And it has only been two days??? Don´t get used to this, as it won´t probably happen again. I think it was a twist in the space-time continuum or then sunspots or something else…anyhoo..over to the actual topic. DISCLAIMER: Irish whiskey is rather new for me so I might get somethingContinue reading “Irish whiskey…why not..”


Ooohkay. I´m back again. I really need to collect all my marbles and try to get out posts on a more decent frequency. Have been lazy…I think. Or busy… Anyway, now as I am back it is again time to rant about stuff that grinds my gears..or something else. First things first, as I startedContinue reading “Back..again..”

A bit of a pause..now back

Right, seems that I am not too good at remembering to write stuff into my blog. Does this mean that I don´t have stuff to write about, or if I am just lazy? Maybe? Mostly just not having the time, that is the biggest culprit. Anyhoo, rant cap on and off we go.. Whisky prices..thatContinue reading “A bit of a pause..now back”

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