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Cats & Whisky

A blog looking into whisky (and whiskey) and hopefully bringing some new views and thoughts into the world of matured spirits

Latest from the Blog

Something special..

Too much to do, too little time. Finally, time for another post after a longer pause again, but what can you do. Today I am going to go a bit astray from my usual posts and tell you of a very personal whisky memory. It all started when the dinosaurs roamed the… no, wait…it was…

Scotlands smallest distillery…or something..

Hi again. Today I have mostly been looking at two bottles of Edradour that has been living on my kitchen floor for three months so I guess it is finally time to do something about them. At least drink the whisky but also write about them as Edradour is one of the more distinct distilleries…

Finland, Finland, Finland, The country where I want to be..

Hello there, I am back again. And this blog post will be about one of the newer Finnish distilleries, Kyrö Distillery. As I live in Finland I think now is high time to also look what we produce on the domestic market and I know that Kyrö products can also be found in Europe at…

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